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Sobo Squash is a fruit flavoured squash served diluted. Sold in plastic bottles, it is available in 2 litre, 1 litre, and 500ml packs.
Since its inception, Sobo Squash has consistently delivered unmatched and unsurpassed quality. Its dominance within and beyond Malawi, is a clear testimony of our company’s commitment to produce a squash everyone enjoys. 
Sobo Squash, Bursting with Flavour.

Our Products

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    This is when we first burst on the scene:

    Sobo Orange Launch - Way Back
    Sobo Pinapple Launch - 2007
    Sobo Blackcurrant - 2014
    Sobo Peach - 2014
    Sobo Raspberry - 2014

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    You can pick up Sobo Squash and enjoy a burst of flavor for the following prices:

    2 litre Sobo Squash - K1700
    1 litre Sobo Squash - K900
    500ml Sobo Squash - K600


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