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Sobo Squash is a fruit flavoured squash served diluted. Sold in plastic bottles, it is available in 2 litre, 1 litre, and 500ml packs.
Since its inception, Sobo Squash has consistently delivered unmatched and unsurpassed quality. Its dominance within and beyond Malawi, is a clear testimony of our company’s commitment to produce a squash everyone enjoys. 
Sobo Squash, Bursting with Flavour.

Our Products

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    This is when we first burst on the scene:

    Sobo Orange Launch - Way Back
    Sobo Pinapple Launch - 2007
    Sobo Blackcurrant - 2014
    Sobo Peach - 2014
    Sobo Raspberry - 2014

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    You can pick up Sobo Squash and enjoy a burst of flavor for the following prices:

    2 litre Sobo Squash - K1500
    1 litre Sobo Squash - K780
    500ml Sobo Squash - K450


  • The Sobo Squash Trolley Dash gives a chance to Sobo Squash consumers who buy 2 bottles of Sobo Squash of more, to participate in a promotion draw. Lucky consumers get to win MK100,000 shopping vouchers. To participate in this promotion, which runs from April to 30th August 2016, visit your nearest participating grocery store or supermarket. You may be the lucky winner who gets their shopping done on the Sobo Squash ticket!

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