Premium Still Water

Quench is about Vitality, Refreshment, Premium quality – the ultimate thirst quencher.
Quench is enjoyed as refreshment by a range of consumers including sporting fans, those on-the-go, and those who prefer to drink Quench at home.

Quench in Cancer Fundraiser

On 24th February, Quench supported Hope for Cancer Foundation to deliver educative and fitness sessions with the aim of raising money towards building Hope for Cancer Centre. The event also aimed to shed more light on cancer. As a brand that is perfect for activity, fitness and health, Quench was essential, helping participants to #rehydrate during this event. This function was held at Umodzi Park, city of Lilongwe with attendance of over 1000 people.

  • 500 ml Bottle

    Nothing quenches your thirst better than SOBO Quench – the ultimate thirst quencher.

  • Rehydrate. Same Quality.

    2 litre Quench - K700
    500ml Quench- K230

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