Water Access & Sanitation for 40 Schools - Blantyre 2014


In 2014, The Coca-Cola Africa Foundation and Water for People, an international non-profit organization in Malawi,  partnered with local government institutions in a joint effort to develop a large-scale project which, since early 2014, has been working to provide safe water, sanitation, and hygiene methods for over 104,000 students to 42 public primary schools in Blantyre. As the sole Coca-Cola bottling partner in Malawi, Castel Malawi was a key player in this project working with TCCAF partners on the ground. The $1,300,000 ‘Golden Triangle‘ community initiative named “Everyone Forever Plan for Public Primary Schools in Peri-urban Blantyre‘ was formally handed over to the community of Blantyre.

Limited access to safe, clean water and potentially unhygienic facilities had a direct impact on the lives and learning ability of each of the students in these communities. The initiative intended to transform communities through ensuring that students are healthier and more able to focus on their studies and, in turn, are able to form part of a more productive workforce.  Through a robust implementation plan that integrated training and development for long-term maintenance by the local community Water For People continues to work in close conjunction with the Blantyre Water Board and other governmental institutions to equip schools with financial and other training to operate the water kiosks, with a plan for regional authorities to adopt and expand these Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) best practices in the long run. Beneficiary schools included, Mbayani, Ndirande Matope, and Chilomoni Primary Schools.